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The Trials of Adrian Wheeler

Private Adrian Wheeler, accused of murdering Iraqi women and children, arrived home to face nothing less than:

An unrelenting father who cajoled him into enlisting
Sexual Inadequacy
A sensational Court-Martial Trial
A sister with HIV
            Adrian returned from Baghdad disabled and disillusioned. His brother, John Mike, didn’t return at all. Both participated in a reconnaissance mission seeking proof Saddam had WMDs, a mission that tragically failed, a mission in which innocent women and children died along with John Mike and other combatants. As the sole survivor (or so he thought), Adrian carried the details of that trauma deep within his subconscious, and often drank himself unconscious in hopes of hiding from the visitors who came in his sleep; his domineering father, a retired Vietnam veteran, and Rachael, the girl he left behind. In his mental state and physical condition, he did everything he could to avoid her—and the couch they first made love on before he lost his arm. 
            Just when he began taking control of his life, Adrian was charged with the murder of all those women and children. But did he do it? Could it have been John Mike? Or possibly an insurgent? Adrian’s only hope was to get beyond his trauma and recall the terrible secret buried deep within the cellar of his psyche. That required Rabinowitz (a psychotherapist specializing in PTSD) and Angelo Benedetti (a renowned court-martial defense lawyer) to help him remember—and to convince the court he was innocent.

Filmed Imagination of Los Angeles (and Daniel Dreifuss, producer of the Academy Award nominate film NO) has taken a film option on The Trials of Adrian Wheeler. The screenplay was written by Erik Wolter and FI is looking for partners to produce the movie.

Silicon Valley Seminars is now only conducting in-house Claim Drafting workshops. If you are interested in considering one, please contact me either by email ( or telephone (520/444-6377).

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