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Synopsis – The Fountain of Youth 

     Glickman, in his mid-seventies and a resident at ‘The Fountain’ is plagued with the memories of dementia, his mother’s and grandmother’s. Each Sunday he performs a “ritual” to monitor and stay ahead of the possibility he will be next and has established a “quick fix” if that becomes likely. He is embroiled in the lives of many other residents including his often neurotic sister, Essie, who may also need a quick fix; Hester, a young server at the Fountain who suffers from progressive mutism resulting from a horrific incident in childhood; Christina Abernathy, a retired psychotherapist and exceptionally beautiful woman who agrees to try and help Hester; Boyle, a man of mystery with a questionable past for good or evil, Glickman isn’t sure which; and Boyle’s grandson, Santini, who is caught between the dope dealers he runs with and the FBI wanting to use him.

Will Glickman and Essie beat dementia? Can he win over Christina? Will Christina be able to help Hester despite the horrific incident? And what about Boyle and his grandson?

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EVW Entertainment has taken an option and the movie is in development.