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​The Click
will be out on October 24th

A brief synopsis

In a futuristic society controlled by theocratic zealots, a retired CIA operative racing against time to save his young grandson from prematurely dying unravels a startling conspiracy 
and the frightening truth about himself.

The Click is a dramatic thriller set in the distant future when all humans reaching the age of seventy-five hear or feel or otherwise experience 'the Click' and peacefully die in their sleep; God’s chronological death sentence intended to prevent overpopulation according to conventional wisdom at the time.

Handsome Oliver Hitchcock, who looks to be in his late fifties, is a retired narcissistic C.I.A. operative, and lady’s man. He is also one of the lucky ones, a Beater. At seventy-eight he beat the Click and the aging process. His eleven-year-old grandson is not so lucky. Christopher, a Preemie, is prematurely in the throes of the Click and will die within the year if Hitchcock can't save him. To do so, Hitch must fight off the Church of Ecclesia and the Coalition United for Theocratic Oversight, the Cūtocracy, as well as Janine Rousseau, his past lover and strong-willed antagonist. But he has help including the president of the United States and a village hidden in India's heart of darkness.

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EVW Entertainment has taken an option and the movie is in development.